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Roughly all of the seed varieties in the RED Mountain Seeds/Bank collection originate with Native Americans commutes throughout the Southwest, Midwest and Northwest Mexico. RMS/B works to ensure that indigenous people continue to have access to these traditional seeds. We strongly encourage recipients to save seeds from the plants they grow to continue the cycle of giving and improve food quality. For more information on saving your own seeds, See Traditional Growing Practices articles, by Vincent Todd.

PLEASE NOTE: The seeds we give are not germination tested and may not reach Federal standers, there is a small chance that these seeds will not sprout. We are not responsible for this as Mother Nature decides the germination rate of seeds. Please let us know if it does not sprout and we will try to replace it upon receiving the defected packet.

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Our Seed Information catalogs

Our Annual Seed Information Catalog (2020) Browse our 2020 print catalog for Information on seed varieties currently available from RMS/B seed bank and info on how to participate in our programs. There are more seed varieties available in our online listing here than in print, but sometimes sitting down with a seed catalog is just cozier. Request and enjoy! This book is printed on 100% natural hemp paper with 15% less ink, also this catalog is hand bounded with organically grown hemp twin. 3.00$

Download free PDF version here. Note; It is made to be printed out but is still readable in PDF form.

Our Collections

Each variety is individually packaged in a resealable foil envelope perfect for long-term seed storage. All collection include a planting guide. Members Only – UNavailable

Native American Dye Garden (4 Pkt) A collection of wildflowers and Plants that were traditionally used for dying baskets, wool and cotton. Includes: Navajo Tea “d’ah”, Hopi Dye “Koma” Amaranth, Hopi Black Bean and Hopi dye “Tceqa’ Qu’ Si” sunflowers. PKT 18.00$ SC0162 UN

Monsoon Garden (6 Pkt) A selection of heat adapted and drought tolerant crops that perform well during the Southwestern monsoon. Includes: Hopi dye “Koma” Amaranth, 90 Day Corn, Hopi Red Watermelon “Kawayvatnga” Colorado River Devil’s claw, Hopi Fire wheel, Navajo tea “d’ah”. PKT 24.00$ SC0197 UN M

Three Sisters Garden Traditional gardens were consisted of Corn, Bean and squash and sometimes sunflowers and grew very well together. Includes: Hopi White Corn, Hopi Black Bean and Navajo pumpkin OR Four sisters garden of: Hopi White Corn, Hopi black bean, Navajo pumpkin and Hopi dye “Tceqa’ Qu’ Si” sunflowers. UN M
3 Sisters garden 14.00$ SC0265 (3 Pkt) OR
4 Sisters garden 18.00$ SC0562 (4 Pkt)

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*Native American identity for this program is self-reported and no tribal identification card is required. This is part of an effort to be inclusive to the indigenous nations not federally recognized by the US government including Northwest Mexico

Your Donation supports our work in collecting and share information and seeds that are otherwise lost and forgotten. THANK YOU!

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Legal disclaimer: All seeds at RED Mountain Seeds/Bank are for personal use only. They are not intended as a treatment or perception for any disease, or as a substitute for regular medical care. Information on RED Mountain Seeds/Bank products are for historical information only and are not FDA approved. Requesting any seeds, budwood, plants or food products you agree to take personal responsibility for the use in any form.

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