Seed Donation Form

Roughly all of the seed varieties in the RED Mountain Seeds/Bank collection originate with Native American communities in the southwestern U.S. and Midwest. RMS/B works to ensure that indigenous people continue to have access to these traditional seeds. We also strongly encourage recipients to save seeds from the plants they grow to continue the cycle of giving and improve food quality. Most of our seeds have been donated to us in the past few years. All seeds that are donated to us we keep Sacred. Thanks For Your Help!

Instructions for packaging and mailing seeds:
Place dry seed, pods or fruits in a paper bag (not plastic)
Fold top of bag and staple or paper clip closed
If sending multiple species, write the corresponding plant name on each paper bag
Keep seeds in a cool, dry place until ready to mail. Mail in a box or padded envelope addressed to RED Mountain Seeds/Bank, 1357 West Sherwood Terr, Fort Wayan, IN 46807

**If you are not the landowner, please be aware that it is illegal to collect on private land or unknown ownership without permission from the landowner/land manager. RMS/B does not accept donations of seeds that have been illegally collected.

If you would like to donate seeds to the RNS/B Seed Bank, please read and complete our seed donation form

If you need help in filling out this form, please

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