Seed Request Form

Roughly all of the seed varieties in the RED Mountain Seeds/Bank collection originate with Native Americans commutes throughout the Southwest, Midwest and Northwest Mexico. RMS/B works to ensure that indigenous people continue to have access to these traditional seeds.

PLEASE NOTE: Acceptance of these seeds is an agreement that they will not used for any patented outcome including to be used for commercial breeding proposes. The seeds we give are not germination tested and may not reach Federal standers, there is a small chance that these seeds will not sprout. Let us know if it doesn’t sprout and we will try to replace it upon receiving the defected packet.

Native American Seed Request:

If you are a Native American living within the greater Southwest, Midwest or Northwest Mexico region*; you can request up to 7 varieties at half the packet amount and 3 more free varieties (any more can be requested at full amount) but ONLY if one is willing to give 150 or more seeds back of 2 varieties requested**. No more then 2 of the same variety and please, only one request form per household per year. Read below for more info;

How to Request Seeds:

There are several ways to Request Seeds and other items. Please, only one Request-form per household per month. Shipping charges are $4. You can download and mail this Request-form to RED Mountain Seeds/Bank, 1357 West Sherwood terr, Fort Wayan IN, 46807 OR Email the Request-form to We will only ship seeds to the 48 states and Mexico. Please, no pattens or GMO on any seeds given! Keep seeds in the public domain.

Legal disclaimer: All seeds at RED Mountain Seeds/Bank are for personal use only. They are not intended as a treatment or perception for any disease, or as a substitute for regular medical care. Information on RED Mountain Seeds/Bank products are for historical information only and are not FDA approved. Requesting any seeds, budwood, plants or food products you agree to take personal responsibility for the use in any form.

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